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Gain Physical Security with Grab Bars

Whether one is aging in place or has a sudden need for mobility solutions, facing up to accessibility needs and thinking about ways to meet them is an initial step—and it can be daunting and stressful. Our goal is to return you to the routines of everyday life with a sense of security. Therefore, giving back equality of access for our customers and their families is at the core of all the accessibility plans we create.

A feeling of stability in the home leads to an increased sense of comfort and freedom for that person. Grab bars in your Colorado Springs’ residence are a minor way change to your home—small and unobtrusive—but it helps a person gain physical security as they move, so it gives them – and you – an enhanced sense of safety.

Next Day Access of Colorado can come out to your home and can help you focus on the areas where you or your loved ones will feel better with stability assistance – whether simply moving down the hallway, transitioning from room to room, or moving from the toilet to the bathtub or shower.

At Next Day Access of Colorado, we offer multiple product options. Most items are in stock for immediate installation. Create an increased sense of stability by calling Next Day Access of Colorado today at (719) 494-0443

Grab Bars Create a Sense of Security in the Home.

Several product options are available with most items being in stock with your local accessibility specialist. Create peace of mind by calling Next Day Access today at (719) 494-0443.

Tackling accessibility can be a frustrating and frightening first step in getting back to normal daily living. Restoring an equality of access for our customers and their families is at the heart of every accessibility plan we develop.

Next Day Access can visit your home and help you determine the areas where you may benefit from feeling safer with stability assistance – whether transferring from room to room, from the toilet to the shower or just maneuvering down the hallway.

For more information, call us today for your grab bar needs: (719) 494-0443.

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Ponte Giulio offer products for commercial (ADA) and residential installation. Architects, designers, contractors, builders and remodelers rely on Ponte Giulio to supply the best modern safety products for every application. Grab bars are the most frequently installed safety product.

Invisia creates beautiful bath accessories that can elevate your bathroom while providing you with peace of mind. We understand that many people are deterred from equipping their bathroom with safety solutions because they think of grab bars and seating as cold and industrial. That’s why we design simple, modern, and stunning bathroom accessories that perfectly blend beauty and safety. We offer the Towel Bar, Toilet Roll Holder, Soap Dish, Corner Shelf, Bath Bench, and Accent Ring.

We are inspired by potential, ours and that of our customers. That’s why we’ve spent the last two decades designing and manufacturing innovative support products that help people continue to live independently. We believe that nothing should keep you from living the way you want to live, and we’ll continue to develop new ways to help you continue doing what you love. We offer the SupertrapezeSuperbarPT Rail Angled, and PT Rail.

Healthcraft™ Superbar

With the simple addition of the SuperBar, the SuperPole transforms into an even more versatile product with both horizontal and vertical support. With 8 locking positions

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Invisia™ Accent Ring

A beautiful addition to any bathroom, the Accent Ring elegantly frames your shower valve while providing unparalleled support. The accent ring is made of durable, rust resistant

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