Accessibility Products

Welcome to our site. Next Day COS is proud to provide handicap solutions to the Colorado Springs metro area, including wheelchair ramps, pool lifts, lift chairs, wheelchair vehicle lifts, grab bars, portable showers, residential elevators, stair lifts and more. We hope you will browse through our vast design collection and choose the design that best fits your needs and wants. We provide a variety of handicap solutions and mobility products to the Front Range.


Wheelchair Ramps for the Home

The most complete selection of available wheelchair ramps on the market can be found at Next Day Access in Colorado Springs. Accessibility outside and inside begins with a secure and reliable ramp. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs can build a wheelchair ramp to fit any house, as well as meet the particular needs of a client.

Commercial Wheelchair Ramps

From schools in Green Mountain Falls to doctor’s offices in Manitou Springs to governmental buildings in Colorado Springs, Next Day Access in Colorado Springs is the premier destination for the largest selection of modular commercial wheelchair ramps.

Stair Lifts

Whether your home is in Colorado Springs, Green Mountain Falls, Peyton, or all points in between, you likely find comfort and pleasure in much-treasured surroundings. That being the case, why should you resign yourself to restricted access to all the levels of your home? A stair lift enables you or a loved one to move with security and safety from one household level to the next.

Porch Lifts

A porch lift can be an ideal alternative for a ramp if you do not have enough square footage to allow a ramp to be built or a ramp would take up most of the available space in a backyard or front yard.

Patient Lifts

A caregiver may require assistance in moving a patient from a bed to a wheelchair or to a bathroom to use the bathtub, shower and toilet. To aid the caregiver and patient in these situations, patient lifts were created. The lift aids the caregiver by eliminating strain (while lifting or moving a patient) and protects patients against possible injury as they are moved from area to area.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are not large, but their contribution to an individual’s stability can be very large. An added sense of security then gives the individual a good feeling of being in control of their surroundings.

Portable Showers

At times, use of a traditional bathtub or shower becomes very challenging or not feasible for people with disabilities. And it may be equally challenging to remodel a home bathroom to provide for full accessibility. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs has a workable option: an easy to use fold-away portable shower.

Pool Lifts

Love swimming during the summer? Seeking a method for you or a loved one to use a spa or pool for rehabilitative physical therapy? Need relaxation on the weekends in a pool? Next Day Access in Colorado Springs offers several types of pool lifts that provide mobility to a pool.

Residential Elevators

If mobility between levels of your home has become a chore—and made you think about remodeling your home or even moving to another home—a residential elevator might be a great solution. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs carries three models of Stiltz home elevators, a premier brand.

Renting a wheelchair ramp, a straight stair lift, VPL, Mobility Scooter, or wheelchair is a great option that may best suit your accessibility needs. A rental is recommended when the desired access is only required for a short duration, such as having a guest in your home, or a loved one with a temporary injury, or assistance in accessing parts of your home.

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